You’re Totally Rotten! Free iPhone & PC Wallpaper

Here at Wild Grunge, I’ve simply been rotting away at the core for this project. See what I did there? Seriously though, it’s taken weeks of distraction, and good old fashioned forgetfulness to provide you with the moldiest of ingredients.

Perhaps you’re ready for something different. Screw the landscape. Who needs flowers? Quotes… nah… Maybe you just need an excuse to send someone to this page and show them how distasteful they are.

Or is it that you’re just twisted, just like I am?

It’s okay to let that freak flag fly baby!

I wish I could tell you that these goodies were planned with intent, but turns out, it was a happy accident. While testing out some lighting setups for an upcoming product shoot, I decided to share the spoils (oh I’ve got puns!) as free iPhone X and PC sized wallpapers.

Photography, and adaptation for iPhone X and PC by Heather of Wild Grunge, 2019.

iPhone X Wallpapers:

PC/Mac Wallpapers:

Enjoy, you rotten devils!

Be sure to leave me a comment. I like to know who my fellow freaks are;)

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  1. Alicia

    Great bright bold colors with a unique design. Happy Easter!

    1. Wild Grunge

      Thanks so much! And Happy Easter to you too!

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