Trapped In A Garden With Personality Quizzes & Bad Dates

31 New Years Resolutions For The Uninspired

No frills, no fuss and exactly what the title states it is… 31 resolutions of ideas that every person can hope to achieve. If you’re looking for something life altering this isn’t the title for you, but if you can approach this book with a sense of humor, nay irony you’ll laugh at some of the suggested resolutions. And yes… I do resolve to lay in bed and do nothing all day long, because why the hell not?

Milk and Romance

If you’ve had an active dating life in your younger years, get ready to take a hilarious trip down memory lane with this selection of poetry. Everything from terrible habits to horrible experiences in the bedchamber. A quick read in one sitting, and perfect to hit a reading goal.

The Enneagram

Apparently this is the “new personality thing” among many groups, including Christians. You take a quiz, and find your results – life changed! Initially I was impressed with my result as the “enthusiast” but as a “fact-finding” measure I took another test online. This is where the discrepancy starts. Based on the longer quiz online I’m type 4 wing 5 otherwise known as the “bohemian.” After more research, there doesn’t seem to be a standardized format, with the exception of paying certain “societies” to determine who you are. Where this book loses it charm is with the sub-types. I absolutely could not understand which sub-type I was based on my scoring. Perhaps I read too fast, or was supposed to “feel” who I was, but I’m more confused than assured with this one. Maybe that’s what makes me a bohemian type after all.

The List

Apparently California had a crazy idea of making a “list” to find the perfect mate. Yes a list… like a shopping list of the qualities you’d hope for in a partner. Simply write it out, and boom! The person appears and you wander off in blissful union. For a bit, as we find out. Is this list witchcraft? Or “law of attraction?” The author explores both ideas and the idea of finding the perfect mate. Still think this is a rubbish idea? It made the news, and you’ll find a list of articles in the back of the book referencing the idea. Here’s something to ponder:

The Butterfly Garden

Interrogation of a victim uncovers a horrifying tale so gut wrenching, it will leave you reeling. Can we label this one horror? Crime? Political? Activism? All? It’s everything. This book should come with a trigger warning as it’s a discourse on the sexual objectification of women, abuse, rape, and the expectations of being “beautiful.” You’ll never look at a butterfly the same way again.

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