Going Wild, Discarding, And Reclaiming Female Sexuality

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

If you regrettably, saw the film before reading the book, you will be pleased to see that it stays mostly true to the story. From heartache, abortion, drug use, and death, the author recounts every shattering moment of her journey. For anyone who has ever wandered out into the woods randomly, and kept walking, until you found anything that resonated with what you were going through – this is the novel for you.

The New Rules of Attraction: How to Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg for More

Ms. Leigh is labeled as a “female PUA.” For those unaware, a PUA is an acronym used to describe a “pick up artist” on numerous forums boards and blogs online. Following her male counterparts, she released a handbook for women to “run game” or attract a “target.” Never fear, the lingo is broken down for you in this guide, but nothing new if you’ve sneaked a peek at some of the seedier parts of the Internet before, except that the “game” is run from a female perspective. Plenty of BDSM stories here, as the author bases a lot of her knowledge and expertise on her career as a professional dominatrix. Not as graphic as Fifty Shades of Grey, but definitely written better.

No Fences in Alaska

Labeling this as a “coming of age” novel is too simplistic when a more accurate description of the plot would be an onion peel. But that’s what dysfunctional families are… a multitude of hidden layers that must be revealed and peeled back over time. Grandpa is the liberal who blames himself for the drug-related death of his daughter, while his son, adopts a conservative attitude towards childrearing. Seems logical that a more routined upbringing would provide different results right? As you can guess, it doesn’t. Told from the perspective of the granddaughter, we watch her progression from suicidal rebel to party girl, master manipulator, runaway, leading up to the ultimate adventure of her life. Fun fact: No Fences is a continuation of The War Blog universe with the grandfather as the fictional author and songwriter of the novel that started the series. Lots of camping and peeing outdoors in this one. Remember: there’s “no fences in Alaska.”

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about the “KonMari” method. KonMari has sparked numerous checklists, FAQs, infographics and condensed blog posts as fans across the world have asked: “does this spark joy?” But blogs and quickly worded lists do not do this practice justice without hearing it taught from the author herself. KonMari asks us to view our possessions as if they had a life of their own. Do we treat them with respect? Are we preventing them from serving their intended purpose by storing them in a closet? Do we burden others with giving them our “cast-offs” and unwanted goods? Plenty of concepts to ponder next time you clean out your closet.

Witches, Sluts, Feminists

What do the words, “witch” and “slut” have in common: they’ve both been used as derogatory terms against women. Whether as control tactics, encouragement of submission and sexual control, the author takes a historical look at these words and how they correlate with feminism. This primer won’t teach you how to be a witch but might encourage you to reclaim your personal sexual freedom.

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