Dark Detours & Strange Journeys With Mystical Aliens

From Dark To Light

Belinda’s personal story reads part psychic drama meets Hollywood horror movie. Our suggestion, is that Ms. Belinda immediately secure rights to a screenplay and sell it immediately. Otherwise, if you’re curious about chakras, and how to heal them, this is a wonderful introduction. Each chakra is broken down in-depth, including how they influence and impact your life. Additionally, there is a 30-minute transcript of the healing meditation Belinda uses with her clients. You can purchase the audio version on her website, which probably is easier than having to memorize 10 pages of the meditation.

Follow Your Detour

Everyone has plans, but not everyone grows up to be the “princess” or “tobacco chewing gun-slinger” they envisioned themselves to be as an adult. Society teaches us to continue fighting for these dreams, even if they are impossible. Nothing wrong with this mindset, except that we forget to experience and discover the lessons, and joys that come with the “detours” life presents. Feeling stuck, or that you’re not quite where you want to be? Then this book is for you. As a side-note, can everyone realistically run off and live in an RV though?

The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury

If a fortune-teller told you that the love of your life is miles away in another country – would you go? Alice Pendelbury does just that, and uncovers more than just a budding romance. Don’t write this one off as a typical “romance” genre adventure, there’s a dash of post-war, and travel in Istanbul, nay let’s say a heavy focus on both of these topics. Never fear though, the author eventually does get to the love story, albeit it might take awhile to get to it. We found this one a slow starter, not a suggested “quick read.”

Kabbalah: The Power To Change Everything

Expecting this book to be a “hands-on” approach to the practice of Kabbalah is an inaccurate description. Told in relatable stories, the basis or the concept of belief is explained, however besides mention of the sacred text The Zohar, the reader is left with very little to start with. It is refreshing though to see a spiritual teacher finally address the purpose/overall goal of the universal teachings of most major religions. Furthermore, the author provides a strong encouragement to be present in social issues, and care for the environment. In short, if you vote conservative, you will find a number of topics this book covers as “preachy.” But we here at WG totally support the author’s views.

Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence That Will Transform Your Life (and the World)

There are two ways to tackle this book: accept it as literal fact, or complete trash. This one starts off strong, with some amazing new-age concepts, but nothing new to practitioners in this area. Where this work flings itself off the rails, is the introduction of the author’s theories of how and why mankind has evolved as it has. Aliens folks. That’s right. Full-tilt, 100% alien-based conspiracy theories. Now we are completely open to this theory however, the author’s facts are based upon numerous videos on YouTube. To be fair, his research data also consists of documentaries and other books we’ve never heard of. Bottom-line, fact-checking this data, lead us into a spiral of unknown, unverifiable and unreliable sources. But never fear, the author clearly knows this, and his solution is to remind the reader that “mainstream media” along with scientists, cannot be trusted, and will not report the truth. Save yourself the money, and spend an evening on the Interwebs searching for conspiracy theories instead. On a positive note, the author provides meditations and several instances of repetitive rambling.

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