Casting Voodoo Spells As A Salem Witch Who Manipulates Race Car Drivers While Modeling

Lilith: A Tale Set in Old Salem

What if the Salem Witch Trials were real? Dark spirits tormenting young girls and holy men into a frenzied mass of suspicion and hysteria, brings this theory into execution, no pun intended… Part fictional historical novel, meets supernatural love story, this one doesn’t disappoint. Torture, spiritual battles, old-timey court rooms, puritan Christian ways and herbalist/midwife lore – there’s so much to appreciate about the background of the story. The authors account is easier to swallow than the actual Salem Witch Trials, but we all know dragons aren’t real… or are they. A slow starter, but keep reading, things heat up mid-novel.


Short story for a one-sitting read – why not? The main character is your typical “pretty girl” turned model who also was a waitress. Her ex is a jerk (another cliche) and she’s finally met the man of her dreams (eyeroll). He’s powerful, successful, famous, wealthy and a race car driver. He fancies her as well, and this doesn’t go without notice. So while all this builds up to a typical cliche “pretty girl gets the dream boy” story, we are abruptly brought back to reality by the final sentence in the narrative. We won’t ruin this one for you. You’ll want the shock value. Brilliant short story which reminds us all, that no matter the look, reputation, perception, size or woman – we all go through the same shit.

Persuasion: Dark Psychology

Everyone has been manipulated at some point, whether it be by a friend, boss or worse – a romantic partner. Covers the general basis of gaslighting, neuro linguistic programming, and flat-out lying. Considering the topic of manipulation is vast and in most cases hard to pin down, this short read is a brief, and a very brief introduction of tactics manipulators use. If you’ve survived a friend/family member/romantic partner who used manipulation against you, this book will do very little to provide you closure if you’ve already been pouring over thousands of articles online. As an introduction though, maybe a gentle prod towards a friend who is being manipulated, this book might make an interesting gift. Vague, but interesting gift.

Marie Laveau’s Lost Spell Book

Friends in New Orleans getting ready for wild nights of parties, parade floats, and beads galore? Why not join in and add some voodoo to the mix New Orleans style. This book promises to be the unpublished spells of the voodoo queen herself, but fact-checking this has turned up zero leads. If it’s indeed true, we’re curious how the publisher got their hands on the book. Regardless, the spells are easy to follow (should you dare) and cover a wide variety of deeds including the popular array of love, protection and wealth.

The War Blog

A brutal, yet honest discourse on rape culture, surprisingly written by a man. After learning the truth about her mother’s rape, one girl sets out to rage a war against rape. Though she is praised, her openness through blogging and musical performance comes at a price – a violent one. We’d like to argue that this book, which is targeted to a young adult audience, should be required reading, but we can only imagine the angry shouts and protests at the local PTA… Brandishing the reality of being a woman, it’s not always a willing, or pretty picture. Against the backdrop of Alaska, the author uncovers more than just issues facing women, but those of losing Native culture in a world that’s “white-washed.” Fun fact: you can load the website mentioned in the book, and listen to each song while reading the lyrics throughout the novel.

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  1. Michael Anderson

    Nice list of books! I’ll have to check these out sometime. I wonder what it was like for a man to write a book like The War Blog.

    1. Wild Grunge

      I wondered the same. From what I understand of the author, I believe he used to teach in Alaska, so I wondered how much of what he wrote, was based on events he had seen personally.

      1. Glen Sobey

        Though The War Blog is not based on a true story, virtually every event described in the book happened in one form or another. I retired from teaching three years ago after teaching for twelve years in Alaska, ten of those in Native villages. I am still in contact with many of my former students, still love them.

        But the reality in the villages is much worse than I describe in the book, as well as white rural towns in Alaska. I still live in a small town in interior Alaska—no store, gas station. Just a school, a post office/DMV station, and a bar which is open periodically.

        Within the first month of teaching in this very white town, two of my high school girls charged two high school guys with rape, one week apart. Kind of a shocking introduction to life in Alaska.

        Regrettably, I have had much experience interacting with kids who use drugs, alcohol, and have been harassed or assaulted. I never knew a kid like Crystal, but I wish I had.

        1. Wild Grunge

          Glen: thank you for visiting and I loved the book! Looking forward to your next works!

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